Simple and Easy Spring Project

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I have had a bad case of Spring Fever. Now that the weather here in Louisiana has been in the 70s I am ready to bring in some spring home décor. I have always loved the glass vases that have white, black or navy paint on the lower half. So when I saw the prefect Vase at Target for only $20 I had to purchase it. If you cannot find this vase than the larger size would work perfect on a Kitchen table or Console Table! I also got some painters tape and navy spray paint (any gloss spray paint in your preferred color works) while at Target. I then headed over to Michaels and purchased some white tulips!

I started by measuring 4 inches from the base of the vase and marking it. If you prefer you can do a smaller measurement like 2 or 3 inches and it will look just as good. I then placed an entire band around the 4 inch mark with painters tape. I continued wrapping the painters tape until I had covered the entire top portion of the vase. You can see my final tapping pictured below.

I then spray painted the vase keeping the can vertical and 8 inches away. I did slow back and forth motions so that the pint went on nice and smooth with no drips. And that is it! It is super simple and only took me 15 minutes tops. I then arranged my tulips in the vase and it is sitting on my coffee table. It is such an easy addition that really brightens up my home.

Hope you enjoyed my simple Spring Project!


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