Decorating with a Clam Shell Bowl

My oversized clam shell bowl is one of my favorite décor pieces. I put it on my Friyay 5 list last week and had a question about how to style a clam shell bowl. I decided it would be fun to do a post with different styling ideas. Sometimes I like to keep it simple and leave my shell empty but I enjoy adding in fillers to change up my décor. My absolute favorite idea is to use Orchids and Moss which I have pictured above. I also added a close up shot of the orchids below. I usually start with a large oasis in the bottom of the clam or a foam board if that’s all I have. From there I can add my orchids or other faux flowers and greenery. I then add in my moss to cover any spots where you can see the oasis. In the Orchid picture above I actually have a mix of real orchids and faux (a trick from my mom). If I do not have enough height from just placing the oasis in the bottom of the shell then I will add some Target bags under the oasis. This way all the décor pieces can be seen and they sit above the edge of the shell. However, if I want to keep thigs quick and easy I simply add some decorative balls or orbs into the empty shell. You’d be surprised how good the orbs alone look but you can add in moss or eucalyptus to give more depth and color. I have a picture below where I used decorative orbs and some greenery. I used the same reindeer moss and moss orbs in both of my clam shell filler ideas.


I am addicted to Pinterest whether I am looking for recipes, travel ideas, gifts or party themes. My favorite thing is to find styling tips for my home décor. I have included some of my inspiration pins for filling my clam shell bowl. I hope some of them will inspire you! If you want to see my Pinterest boards you can always click on the “P” icon at the top of my website or click here.

Above Sources:;;; Birch Lane;


Below are the items I used in creating my clam shell décor. Just click on the image to be directed to the websites.

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Happy Shopping!


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