A Few of My Favorite Things

I adore making changes in my home but my budget does not always allow for large purchases. I find some of the biggest impacts can be more affordable items for your home. For instance changing up your styling on shelves, adding affordable home décor pieces, a rug or a new art print. With that in mind I decided to create a post for all my favorite Home Décor items which can make such a big statement in your home. My favorite types of home décor pieces are vases, jars, coffee table books, unique bowls with fillers, faux plants, decorative objects and candles. If you missed my “Favorite Vases” post click here to view. Also I did a post on my “Favorite Spring Candles” so if you want to check it out click here. Below I have included my favorite picks for each category. Click on the number below the image to be directed to the website.

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I really like decorating with jars and it is apparent as soon as you walk in my house. Blythe is my favorite color so I just adore any Ginger Jar. Matching Jars work perfect on a mantel, a set of jars can be arranged on any table top whether a dining table or a console. I also love to use them as a vase. They really are such a versatile Home Décor piece that anyone should be able to use them in their home. I included some more traditional jars above but I tried to find a few unique ones. I like shopping from small business too so most of these are from small shops.


Color and Textures are the two important aspects of design for me. I have chosen a neutral palette for my decorative objects but as you can tell there are lots of different textures. Wood, Cane, Marble Stone and Brass are all very versatile Home Décor pieces. I see all of these objects as great layering pieces for books, trays, bowls, stands or boxes. I want the brass keys to layer on top of some books I have on a small side table. I think the large chain set would look great on my coffee table either alone or hanging out of a bowl or tray. The Brass boxes would work great layered all together or just purchasing one to layer on a book or tray. Also the brass box could stand on its own on a bookshelf. The Candle votive and hurricanes could easily serve duel purposes as candle holders or vases. They work perfect inside or outside. The knots I love to layer on a books!


I think that bowls can easily be set out and not have any fillers in them. But I also love adding fillers to change things up and it is a very affordable item to add to any styling. The white stones with the raw edge teak bowl would be perfect on a coffee table or console table. I love the rattan bowl and artichokes for a kitchen island or table. The whitewashed bowl and moss I did in my own home and put it on my coffee table. I think the rope bowls are so unique and I adore pinecones. These pinecones are large so you will not need many. They are a little more then I usually spend on fillers so I may just purchase 2 or 3 and add in some real pinecones.


I do not have a green thumb so affordable faux plants is a must in my home. I tend to lean towards ferns because I enjoy decorating with flower stems so I really like greenery in my potted plants. However I do adore lavender so I had to add it to the list. I included the olive tree as well because I want it for my kitchen. I will either put it on my island or Kitchen table. In my opinion adding a plant always makes a room feel more homey and if you are like me and cannot manage to keep them alive faux is the way to go.


I layer books everywhere in my home so I have quit the collection of coffee table books. My husband and I are both big readers too so we have a lot of novels as well which I do tend to use in my home décor as well. We actually have so many books we had to put three boxes full of books in our attic because we had no more room.

Happy Shopping,


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