Dresser Makeover

I enjoy a good DIY project because it is so satisfying to see the finished product. This project turned out way better then I anticipated. I have been saying for over a year I was going to try to redo the dresser but my husband kept telling me it was a lost cause. I was given this dresser by my mother-in-law but after several moves it had a lot of wear and tear. The wood detailing was also starting to come off in places so it was time for a makeover. I first removed all the detailing and knobs. I then had to remove the several 100 small nails used to attach the detailing.

After hours of pulling out nails I then used wood putty to fill in the holes left by the nails. Next I began the sanding and then more sanding. Once I was done with sanding I used some grey paint I had leftover from another project. I do like the way the dresser turned out but I am thinking about using a darker color grey. What do you think leave it a light grey or go with something a little darker?

I kept the original knobs for the dresser but I am debating about ordering some brass knobs. I think if I use a darker color I may consider getting new knobs or painting the existing knobs. I may spray paint the knobs with Design Master Antique Gold or Brilliant Gold. If you have not tried out this spray paint you should definitely try this brand on your next DIY project. I will keep you updated on any fun changes I make!


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