I did a bedroom makeover for my nephew who is now 15 and in high school. I will say this was hands down the hardest room I have ever redone. My nephew had to have a say in every single item I chose. I told him from the beginning that it was his room and I would not force anything on him. He had several specific request for me. The first and most important was that he NEEDED a gaming desk! He also wanted to put up a Saints flag he has had since he was young and he wanted posters. We ended up with a process that worked well for he and I. I chose colors, bedding, décor, etc. and he had veto power. In the end we came up with a room he loved which was my only goal. Though there are definitely things I would change about the room the only thing that really matters was my nephew was happy.

We started first with the wall color. He immediately agreed to a light grey color and allowed me to pick whichever I thought would look best. I decided on Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams and was very pleased with outcome. It is very light and really brightened up his room. I also bought some great LED Light Strips that attach to the back of his screen so the lights reflect well off the light grey wall color. Everything on his shelves are items he already had and wanted me to display. He is big into sports and history. We managed to get it all up without looking too cramped. I gave him this gamer chair a few years ago for his birthday. It is not the most attractive thing but he says it is really comfortable. Next week I will share the dresser makeover we did for his room along with pictures of the entire room.

See you next week for the my nephew’s room reveal.


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