Sometimes we have to work with what we have especially when on a budget. My sister was given this dresser for free so we made it work for my nephew’s room. I first cleaned it inside and out then lightly sanded it and painted it with Sherwin Williams Naval. It really was that easy. We also got some “masculine” brass handles to add a little contrast.

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Once I had finished the dresser I decided to just give in and put his posters over the dresser. Since I compromised he allowed me to style the dresser. This was huge because he did not want me to put one single item on his dresser. I promised him not to go overboard and just added a few items from Target. I even snuck in a candle!! He would never admit it but I think he likes the way I styled it…simple and still room for his “stuff.”

Now If I can get hold of the poster wall and rearrange them the way I want I will be super excited but I am not holding my breath on this one. I was planning to share the rest of his room in this post but since we are having artistic difference it may have to wait. He believes throw pillows are the worst idea ever! He also is determined to have no throw blankets. I did get a chance to move his HUGE navy leather armchair he adores. I will admit it is so comfy but rather large for the space. Just being allowed to move it out of the center of the room was a big win for me so I will take it.

Hope you have a great day!


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