We were on a very tight budget for my niece’s room especially for a complete makeover. The only thing we were keeping was her dresser. So in order to save money my husband and I decided to give this side table a makeover. In the end we spent $40 for paint, stain and new knobs. Below I have included a before picture of the side table.

First thing we did was remove the old knobs and wipe down the side table with a degreaser (Krud Kutter is what we used). Then we sanded the top down to the original wood in order to stain it a natural wood finish. We did sand some of the bottom portion were it really needed it. After sanding we painted the bottom portion Moscow Nights by Sherwin Williams. We ended up having to do three coats. We then stained the top which was the most time consuming because it takes a while to dry between coats. We did only two coats of stain on the top.

I then found these perfect rattan knobs at Hobby Lobby which really added the finishing touch. Overall we are very pleased with how it turned out. My niece did not even realize it was the same piece of furniture. I will say this was definitely one of our easier makeovers.

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