Spring Candles

All the change in the weather has made me crave beautiful Spring Days! In Louisiana Spring is the best time of the year. The weather usually stays around the 70s which means we can enjoy the outdoor spaces in our home. But until the weather warms up a little more I thought I would bring a little Spring into our home with these fun candle picks. I chose 6 candles, some I already knew I loved and some I wanted to give a try. My husband, mom, dad and I all performed a “smell” test to see which was our favorite! Click on the image or title for the link to each candle.

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The Basil scented candle was my mom and my favorite! It has such a fresh clean scent and smells just like basil. I think it has a very subtle scent which I love but I know some people prefer something stronger. Thyme also came out with a Lemon Leaf and Olive Leaf scent which I plan to order next. Of course Thyme has always been one of my favorite candle brands ever since I first smelled their Pine Needle scent but I also think $24 for a medium size candle is a good price point.


The Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle was my husband’s favorite scent. It is a very clean and fresh scent which is subtle at first but will really have the entire house smelling wonderful in no time! This is not a new candle for him though. He has always loved this scent and he will burn it all Spring and Summer. He also loves the body wash in this same scent. I used to buy the pillow linen spray but they no longer carry it.


My husband and I both love this candle and have purchased it for years. We get it at a local store but when I searched for it online in this same white container I noticed a huge price difference. I usually get it for between $22 and $25 but online it was listed at $59. Instead of linking the pricey version I did the dough bowl container directly from the brands website. I will give you the link for the white candle as well since some people do not mind paying more for a really good candle. I had to add this candle to the list since it is truly one of our favorites!


My mother in law burns lemongrass candles often and my husband always loves them so I decided to try one. I will say this candle did not disappoint! It will be one of our regular purchases from now on. It has such a great subtle lemon scent with a strong grass addition which makes for a lovely combination. I also cannot get over how reasonably priced this candle is at only $14!


The Jasmine and Sandalwood scent was my dad’s favorite. This candle will make your entire house smell amazing. I was not sure I would like the sandalwood scent but it was very subtle. I also liked that the scent was not too “floralie”. I really prefer a more musky and woodsy scents so this candle I really enjoyed!


I do not want to give this candle company a bad review since I have not tried any of their other scents but this candle was just not for me. My dad said it was too “floralie” for him. My mom and husband just said no! I am going to try a few more Lavender candles to see if it is just the lavender I do not like. However I do love EO’s Lavender scent! They make hand sanitizer, soaps and bubble bath all of which I purchase and love love love!!

I hope you enjoyed our selections and you can find a wonderful scent to bring a little Spring into your home!


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